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Direct Referral Eligibility 
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Licensed residential care homes can become eligible to receive direct referrals of potential residents from Care Provider USA.  Since 1998 Care Provider USA nurses have assessed the needs of care seekers and provided them with recommendations to find qualified placement in care homes across the United States.  With over 2,000,000 hits to our web site
since 1998, we have helped care seekers and care providers link up to find quality care in the best  locations and price ranges. 

Every home we refer residents to receives an RN approval or onsite review.  By assessing our clientele's medical, psychological, and budgetary needs, we can provide in-depth information to care homes about level of care required and what price range the care seeker is willing to pay. This referral information is then provided via telephone, fax, or email to various qualified residential care providers in the community. Often our care advisors help care seekers obtain the necessary medical forms and requirements to enter RCFE's as well as providing guidance and family support during this difficult time of transition.
Care Provider USA .com is the world's leading web site for key words "Care Homes"  on most major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL search.  We not only provide free RN assessment of care seeker needs, but provide high quality pictures, level of care information, and the prices and locations of thousands of care homes in the United States on our website.
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For questions about our services or to join our directory call us at (599) 277-1666

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